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Dryland Training Center

Our Dryland Center is located at:
510-B Mill St. NE
Vienna, VA 22180

Dominion Dive Club has a comprehensive dryland training center in the middle of downtown Vienna, VA.  The facility has some of the best training tools in existence and we greatly encourage every single diver to register for time in this facility.  Due to the great importance it will play in their progression and path to success, we preach to our athletes that “what you learn in diving is not done in the water, it is done on the ground.” It  enables the constant repetition of basic skills in a safe and more controlled environment that will get the divers to where they need to be. We have the tools in place at this facility to allow divers to focus on how to do the skills correctly as  opposed to simply completing a skill.

This facility contains equipment and resources that will benefit your diver tremendously. We will have 2 dryboards with spotting harnesses, 2 trampolines with spotting harnesses, a spring tumbling floor, an area with workout equipment and a video playback system at every station.

We have seen that when training in the dryland facility is added to a diver’s regiment, the learning curve to success occurs at a much more rapid pace. It allows divers the opportunity to not only practice hard, but to practice intelligently. When registering with Dominion Dive Club, please take advantage of this amazing opportunity to train like the best in the world!