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Junior Team

Junior Team

Our Junior Team is where a majority of new divers start with. We take a focused approach at this level to teach divers the basic mechanics and skill progressions that are necessary to improve in the sport. This will aid the diver in eventually becoming successful at any level of the sport from NVSL competitions to USA Diving competitions. Divers on the Junior Team practice anywhere from one to four days a week. Divers are encouraged to register for 1-2 practices in our dryland facility and 1-2 practices at the pool to maximize progress. One day of diving will sustain your skill level over the winter. If you'd like for your diver to improve before summer or high school seasons, multiple days of practice per week are essential! 

As the season progresses, adivers skill level will be assessed during practices.  It is strongly suggested that divers stay with this program on a year round basis in order to maximize their progress. Year round participation however is not a requirement. By successfully progressing through all the skills asked of a diver of the Junior Team, divers will be ready to join the White Team and begin traveling with the competition team as desired, or they can opt to continue to master their technique and skills on the Junior Team. There will be several optional meets throughout the year that will be available for members of the Junior Team to get a taste for competing. 

Divers are greatly encouraged to participate in practices at the dryland facility. If divers are signing up to practice a second day, the second day is required to be at the dryland facility.If parents would like their child to practice a second day in the water, they will need to sign up for a three day per week program. Dryland training is where divers learn how to dive in the most controlled and safe environment. Divers who participate in practices at our dryland facility will see far greater improvement on a week to week basis than those divers only doing one day a week. Please contact us with any questions on training at the dryland center.

Typical School Year Schedule

2022-2023 Schedules

SESSION 1:  September 6, 2022-January 28th, 2023 

SESSION 2: January 29-May 26, 2023

Summer: June 5-July 27, 2022



Monday: 5:15-6:30, 6:15-7:30

Wednesday: 5:15-6:30, 6:15-7:30

Saturday:   8:45-10:00 (Session 1 and 2 Only)
                         9:45-11:00 (Session 1 and 2 Only)

Sunday - 11:45am-1pm (Session 1 and 2 Only)


Tuesday: 5-6:15,
                     6:15-7:30 (Session 1 and 2 Only),
                     7:30-8:45 (Session 1 and 2 Only)

Thursday: 5-6:15
                       7:30-8:45 (Session 1 and 2 Only)

Saturday: 10:15-11:30 (Session 1 and 2 Only)
                       9:30-10:45 (Summer)

Sunday: 9:30-10:45